Thought Leadership
Contract Crystallography
  • Synchrotron X-ray data collection at the Advance Photon Source (APS) and data analysis
    • Processed data is posted in real time on a secure server.
    • Resulting raw image files, final scaled data, frozen samples, and summary report will be shipped back to the client.
    • Raw data images can be archived on a preferred digital media and at the request of the client, the images can be archived at NASTRX for a determined time.

  • Structure determination
    • RapidDetermination is broken into two types.
      • Type 1 is the initial electron density identification and placement of ligand compounds. Results are posted in real time on a secure server
      • Type 2 is the initial de novo determination phases from MAD/SAD or MIR/SIR X-ray diffraction data
    • StructureComplete is the full and final refinement of a macromolecular molecule to the standards of publication quality.

  • Structural Analysis

Structural Proteomic Informatics